Technic Hide It Concealer Palette

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Technic Hide It Multi Concealer Palette come in a handbag sized palette, it contains for different shades of concealer that can be mixed or used on their own. The four shades can be used to conceal under the eye darkness, skin imperfections and blemishes, mix and match them to provide the coverage you require.

The first shade is Afterglow which is a yellow toned concealer. Use this one to make your skin appear brighter. Use as a high lighter or to cover up dark area’s under the eyes.

Second shade is Dewkist. This is a green tone concealer. Use this to tone down any redness and cover blemishes.

Third is Nude this is a pale pink/beige coloured concealer. Use this to camouflage discolouration and to bright the skin.

Fourth shade is Sand, it’s a dark beige concealer. Use this to mix with Nude to give you a perfect match for your skin.

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