Makeup Trends You’ll want to wear in 2018.

Makeup Trends You’ll want to wear in 2018.

Makeup Trends You’ll want to wear in 2018.

Are you fed up with old makeup trends? Do you really want new trends which are utterly new to follow? Then don’t worry because we are revealing the latest beauty trends of the season that will compel you to apply it ASAP. Glitter makeup, coloured eyeliner, graphic nail designs, highlighter, voluminous lashes, bright lips and pink eyeshadow are some makeup trends that we always want to see them back. And this spring, all these trends are back with a bang. We hope you are not bored of glitter because 2018 is the glitzy year with glitter glosses, coloured eyeliner, and gold highlighter. Natural makeup look and no foundation makeup is count as one of the best makeup trend of the year. Read on and check out our predictions about makeup trends in 2018, because this year brings a lot of new makeup trend you want to follow that will give you a dazzling look.


Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliner is not quite an old trend but this season this trend back with the bang. To wear coloured eyeliner correctly is a great trick but definitely, you want to follow this trend with a random pop of colour this season. Wear it purposely, choose the hue that matches to your jewelry and outfits and uses that hints of shade into your eyeliner. It looks great when you wear it as water eyeliner which gives you effortlessly chic look. To have this flawless look, pick deep eggplant and dark emerald green coloured eyeliner to up your beauty game.

Glittery Eyes

Glittery eyes makeup will continue to trend in 2018. Sparkly eyeliner across the lower or top eyelashes line, inner eye corners shimmery embellishment, glittery shadow along eyelids are going to be considered this spring.

Bright Lipstick

Bright lips can surely elevate your look. Purple, orange, Mehran, plum, and Red are all back this year. Bright lipsticks from the bullet can leave your lips thicker and enviable. Add some moisture with these intense colors to complete your plump look.


Graphic nail Art designs

Graphic nail designs like minimalist accent nails, Negative space and geometric prints will be the statement style of the fashionista. If you are a huge fan of nail art, this trend will really work for neon bright nails adversaries.

Choose black and nude color when it comes to approaching this graphic nail design trend. To get graphic nail designing, paint the liquid latex barrier around your nails and polish to your nails. This liquid latex barrier will be peel off after drying to expose the clean framing of your graphic nail design.

Voluminous lashes

Longer & thicker lashes trend for this season is right up your flashy alley. This trend is all about the amping up eyes with heavy lashes to master the dazzling look. Those girls who have not thicker eyelashes can use lash-boosting mascaras to boost their fringe.  This mascara comprises of the collagen and hyaluronic acid that can help in the growth of eyelashes.  They can also use Voluminous False Lashes Mascara that contains small fibers to give you lengthy n thicker eyelashes in no time.


Lip Strobing

Though lip strobing trend was initially popular in last summer and this trend will be more popular in this year than ever. However, this beauty trend might seem discouraging but we assure you that the less-is-more this trend will turn up the glitz this spring. The glimmering glosses with shimmering pigments will give your lips a mesmerizing effect.

Major glow Highlighter

Liquid and cream highlighters with high shine are the new makeup trend 2018 rather than powder highlighters. The main reason is that face with powder highlighter does not look real and radiant. On the other hand, liquid and cream highlighter gives you a natural dewy skin look with the heightened glow. If you choose dark undertone of highlighter then rest of the makeup should be super light.

Pink Eyeshadow

Pink shade represents the feminine and it is profusely used in spring to give soft touch over the eyes and lips. This year, this pink eyeshadow is back with the twist, IMG models wore this shade with unique combination i.e. peach and warm red. So, the pink eyeshadow trend is going to be massive this year. You can wear it an artsy variation using dark pink with the soft wash of pink color.



Make this year sparkiest with gems and crystals because makeup gems are the huge trend in 2018. Use the drop of eyelash glue and some gem/crystals to achieve this look. You can apply it to your beauty mark below the eye corner or bottom lash lines. Also, you can apply it as a creative way like the shreds of gems on the lips either horizontally or vertically. For mysterious look, use circular gems below your eye.

Spidery Mascara

Long and thicker spidery eyelashes with black eyeliner and clumpy mascara are more than a fascination. Create sharp and small clumps of mascara in a delicate manner on top and bottom eyelashes to achieve the spidery mascara. Follow this trend to make the attracted attention to your eyes with the striking effect of spidery mascara.

Natural Makeup

Natural makeup and no makeup is the only trend which will never be outdated. Keep your skin radiant with the natural highlighter and a bit of lip balm to complete the natural look. Alternatively, keep your face fresh and dewy with natural blush and eyebrows brushed up.

Bleached eyebrows

Let’s take a break from blackish and shaggy eyebrows and try bleached eyebrows. Make a splash with bleached eyebrows pair with blonde/dark hair. Wear soft makeup look when it comes to following this trend.

Classic Liner

The classic eyeliner look is back again with winged eyeliner.  To achieve this 50s inspired look, wear deep berry red lipstick with winged eyeliner. Alternatively, choose natural makeup look with nude lipstick and cat eyes.

Are you excited about the latest makeup trends of 2018? Leave a comment and let us know about our beauty forecast.