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Welcome to Truly Fair Cosmetics®, your one-stop online destination for Cheap Nail Polish and Makeup that bring you glamour and style, so you can look great at an affordable price.

We offer top quality cheap nail polish and makeup which you can use to define your style and personality. Having a brilliant, bold and beautiful colour leaves your nails radiating and expressing your style. We are a value-oriented online store that places a high value on your money, and as such offer, nothing less than the best quality cheap nail polish and makeup, that will leave you looking stunning. In a fashion and beauty-driven world, everybody craves to look not just beautiful, but charming, the emphasis on the need for the ideal cheap nail polish and makeup cannot be overstated. When you look at the importance of being classy and attractive, it is not hard to see how large a role we can play in your beauty life.

Truly Fair Cosmetics has proved to be one of the leading names in the cheap nail polish and makeup industry.

Our mission is to offer our customers fast and easy access to unbeatable prices for high-quality Cheap Nail Polish and Makeup. We let you shop from the comfort of your home at lower prices; it is no wonder that it is our forte. All our products are guaranteed new, useful, original and authentic. The reason behind this idea is not far-fetched; we do this to earn your trust, maintain loyalty and serve you better without compromising product quality. We buy high quality cheap nail polish and makeup, direct from the manufacturers, with 100% natural blends of pure minerals that make your nails glow, shine brighter and healthier with every application.

At Truly Fair Cosmetics, we have a simple but important vision; we want you to have a beautiful and radiant nails despite your budget. That is why sell efficient top quality brands and products to you at mouthwatering cheap nail polish prices, it doesn’t get better elsewhere. Truly Fair Cosmetics was created in response to the super fast growing need and demand for quality Cheap Nail Polish and Makeup of all types. We Provide a quality service that exceeds industry standards, that is why we remain a premier beauty destination when it comes to cosmetics.  Perhaps, you have been up and searching for an experienced and reliable company that specialises in the sales of Branded and Non- branded Cheap Nail Polish and Makeup, but all you get is things that do not work as described, look no further. We are here for you; we specialise in the sales of strictly top quality branded and non-branded products because we know that your make up and cosmetics lays the foundation of the image you wish to portray to the world about yourself.


We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with excellent cheap nail polish and makeup at great value for their money. We are unique in our commitment to personalised service. In a bid to expand the brands and options available for our clients, we have researched and come up with branded products that you cannot resist. Knowing what it takes to make you attain the level of beauty you desire, we have included these products from top brand names, all at a jaw-dropping cheap nail polish prices, cheap nail polish does not equal cheap quality.

Cheap Nail Polish and Makeup from Truly Fair Cosmetics.


Cheap Nail Polish From Laval

When you talk about top brands in the world of cosmetics, you will not fail to mention Laval cosmetics. Having been in existence for over 25 years, they offer a good quality brand of cosmetics. We are happy to announce that Truly Fair Cosmetics have products from Laval cosmetics in the list of available cosmetics up for grab at cheap nail polish. We sell all the goods that you may need for your eyes, face, body, nails and even lips with the brand name Laval cosmetics.

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Cheap Nail Polish From Body Collection

This is another brand with exclusive products that the masses need. We have in stock, quality products from the body collection brand that will suit your make up and cosmetic needs. We offer you beautifully packaged products with love and care at much cheap nail polish. With what you get from this brand, you will wish you had bought it earlier.

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Cheap Nail Polish From La Femme

La Femme is a super great brand name in nail polish and cosmetics offering a broad range of quality products that optimise your beauty. Truly Fair Cosmetics® aims at giving you the best with this brand; we have various authentic products from La Femme brand, only make your choice, and they will be all at cheap nail polish.


Cheap Nail polish - Maybelline Forever Strong Pro 840 Purple Reflect

Cheap Nail Polish From Revlon

Revlon being a brand name has outstanding cosmetics for the eyes, face and lips. Truly Fair Cosmetics® lets you tap into the benefits of these brand products by giving it out to you at cheap nail polish. Now you can look like you have dreamt with the power of Revlon cosmetics.

Cheap Nail Polish - Astor Perfect Stay Gel Shine 308 It Red

Cheap Nail Polish From Rimmel

Rimmel as a brand has carved a niche for their products in the field of cosmetics. We have different quality products from Rimmel brand that you can check out and order. Having a branded product is one thing, but having it at a discounted rate crowns it all, that is what we do at Truly Fair Cosmetics®.

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Cheap Nail Polish - Laval Crystal Finish Nail Polish Mauve

Cheap Nail Polish From Saffron

Saffron is also a brand name in cosmetics that so many people cherish. We strive to keep our clients satisfied, that is why we have excellent products from this company for you at cheap nail polish. Ranging from fragrances for men and ladies to powder compacts and all that fall in between, we bring these products to you at affordable prices.

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Cheap Nail Polish From Technic

Technic is a brand that offers products that give you the hottest look of the season; their products are inspired by latest fashion and styles that give you that wow look. Truly Fair Cosmetics® understands your need for such a brand that is why we have their branded products to give you maximum satisfaction as regards cosmetics and makeups. Several products are available from which you can make your choice at Truly Fair Cosmetics®.

Cheap Nail Polish - La Femme Copper Glitter 96

Cheap Nail Polish From Maybelline

With bursts of colours from Maybelline brand, we will leave you looking stunning with trendy nail polish. Of course, we have various products from this brand that you can choose from.  Remember that all our products from various reputable brands get to you at cheap nail polish.

Cheap Nail polish - Revlon Top Speed 520 Lava

Cheap Nail Polish From Astor

Astor is another brand name that parades itself with its quality beauty products for the face, lips eye and others. Knowing the shades that are in tune with women, we offer you high-quality beauty products that work wonders to skyrocket your beauty. Each and every of the branded and non-branded products we offer you come at a discounted price.

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How to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly.

It may impress you to know that we stock many more brands and not just the ones above; all at cheap nail polish prices. It is not uncommon to see cosmetic products that are not effective but cheap; this is not included in our vision. We are poised to making everyone enjoy the value of their money without compromising quality and service.

Same Day Dispatch

At Truly Fair Cosmetics®, we offer same day dispatch starting from Mondays through to Friday at a low cost postage. However, we also offer FREE postage on all orders above £20 while you enjoy our default cheap prices. The satisfaction of our clients is our primary focus, and as such, all our efforts are geared towards giving you a 100% satisfaction whenever you deal with us. We understand that beauty showcases an individual’s style that reflects the life in its entirety; we know what women need when it comes to beauty that is why we don’t fail to give you what meets your need.  Always remember that we are the best in the services that we offer, helping you to become the most beautiful of yourself and live your beauty to its prime. You are just few clicks away from getting these beauty products at cheap nail polish; Truly Fair Cosmetics® has all it takes to make the modern day woman look her best.


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