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Cheap Nail Polish Brands To Try Out

Cheap Nail Polish Brands To Try Out

Some of the time it can feel like you’re lost in an ocean of £10 nail Polish when scrutinising the makeup counters, however in the event that you look carefully enough, you will discover plenty of cheap nail polish brands that do not skimp on quality.

If you don’t have time to search out the best yet greatest cheap nail polish, look no further.

We have compiled a list of our favourite cheap nail polish brands to save you time during your next shopping trip.


Laval nail polishes are easily one of our favourite cheap nail polish brand.
Also it is made in the UK.
They have a very large range of colours in every shade you could image and they look amazing.
You can purchase this nail polish for less than £2 a bottle and sometimes even less during our sales, it’s almost impossible not to want to purchase Laval Nail Polish

cheap nail polish revlon Top Speed 305 Electric


Saffron another UK brand that seems to have been around forever, they keep their shades updated and so fresh looking, they always seem brand new.

They keep up with all the latest trends, so whatever you are looking for, it will be in their range.

Maybelline Express Finish 40 sec 865 Turquoise Green


Astor nail polish is not easy to find on the average makeup counter, but can be found quite easily online at great discount prices.

They make a great range of long lasting colours.

Cheap Nail Polish - La Femme Copper Glitter 96
Cheap Nail Polish - Laval Crystal Finish Nail Polish Mauve


Revlon was one of the first nail polishes ever used and still a great brand today.
It’s one of the best and cost friendly brands of nail polish and with the variety of colours they offer, it’s worth checking it out.

cheap nail polish Saffron Nail Polish 53 Kingfisher Blue


We are one of the biggest advocates for all Maybelline products and their nail polish is no exception. It’s great for the younger set as well as the more mature nails. They have such a huge variety to choose from.

cheap nail polish Astor Quick N Go Nail Polish Cheap Makeup Discount Makeup

La Femme

La Femme nail polish is another Brand that is made in the UK.
It’s a well tried and tested brand and seems to have been around forever.
They produce a huge range of colours and continually update on the latest shades. It’s greatest advantage is it’s long lasting polish.