Basic Beauty Tips For Your Face

Basic beauty tips for your face

Basic Beauty tips for your face equals a beautiful radiating face, which is what every girl wants to have. But it’s not that easy to achieve. You have to take extra care of your face and skin and take extra care to look after it. We generally have a tendency to disregard the basic rules that can work wonders for your skin and go a long way to keep your skin healthy.

Here’s a list of 8 Basic beauty tips for your face and the things you need to do to achieve a beautiful and radiating face.

Basic beauty tips for your face 1.) A good night’s sleep is number one on our list. Keeping a check on your sleeping hours, is a must, no matter what products you are using. At least 8 hours sleep a day, is really important, it the only time your body relaxes and can work on repairing any damaged cells. It also prevents dark circles and helps to prevent premature aging.

Basic beauty tips for your face 2.) An adjusted eating regimen is an unquestionable requirement. A balanced diet is a must, it’s important for your skin. No products can come to your rescue if you don’t eat sufficient fruit and vegetables. You also need to avoid as much as possible of oily and fermented foods and cut down on sugar and salt as much as possible.  By switching to more healthy foods in your daily lifestyle, you will start to notice the results very quickly. Just small things like drinking green tea instead of tea or coffee. Green tea is full of skin friendly anti-oxidants. Give honey a try instead of sugar. Replace cupcakes and cookies with fruits.

Basic beauty tips for your face 3.) You cannot get away from physical action: Whether it’s high impact exercise, aerobics, yoga, walking, jogging or any kind of exercise that interest you, ought to be on your list for healthy skin and its benefits do not need to be emphasised! It helps to improve blood circulation and helps in pushing toxins out of your body. Start taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalators, try walking to nearby places instead of taking the car. You will burn up calories before realising it.

Beauty Tips For Your Face

Basic beauty tips for your face 4.) Know your skin type: now let’s talk about your daily products. It’s really important to understand your skin type (oily, dry, normal or combination) and choose your products wisely. Make sure your regular cream suits your skin and that it’s not loaded with harsh chemicals. The same applies for your shampoo and conditioner too.

Basic beauty tips for your face 5.) Make water your best friend: This sounds simple, but most of us conveniently avoid it. Water keeps your skin hydrated, that in turn helps to push toxins out of the body, plus it works wonders for your metabolism and aids digestion. You daily intake must be at least eight glasses and you can also sip fresh fruit juices (not the canned ones) to increase your fluid consumption.

Basic beauty tips for your face 6.) Don’t step out without sun screen: A sunscreen is the unsung hero behind any spotless skin. It protects your skin from harsh sun rays and keeps pigmentation at bay. We generally pull it out when heading outdoors on a sunny day. But experts suggest using it every morning, whether it’s a cloudy day, or if you plan to stay indoors and it should be re-applied every two hours.

Beauty Tips For Your Face


Basic beauty tips for your face 7.) Remove your makeup: No matter how tired you are or how much makeup you have applied, make it a ground rule to remove every bit of it before going to bed. That is the only time the skin gets to breathe freely and work on itself. It helps in preventing breakouts and zits. Invest in a good makeup remover and then follow up with a face wash. In case you don’t want to splash out on a makeup remover, simply head to the humble olive oil and it will serve the purpose. P.S Look for ones that are alcohol and fragrance free.

Basic beauty tips for your face 8.) Always follow CTM routine: When you are done with removing every inch of makeup, it’s the time to head for your cleansing, toning and moisturising regimen. It’s the golden rule to wake up with gorgeous skin and it requires just a few minutes every day. Cleansing helps to remove all the dirt that you have accumulated in the entire day. A good toner will help remove whatever dirt, oil and that have been left behind by the cleanser. Plus, it plays a great role in soothing and hydrating the skin. Most importantly, it helps in restoring the pH balance of your skin and closes the open pores.

Many are not aware that your day moisturiser can’t double as your night cream. A good night cream is of a thicker texture and provides your skin the much needed moisture. Plus, it contains more concentrated ingredients than your day cream and in higher does. You can invest in one depending upon your skin problems and it will turn out to be a great beauty booster!