10 ways How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

10 ways How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

How To Apply Mascara

Bushy-tailed Mascara gives you charming look. Eye makeup is a big job as Bright dazzling eyes entirely change your overall look. But after finding the right brand, it can be tough how to apply mascara like a pro. And if you are the newbie, every time you get different results that can change your eyes look. A technique is too much important while you apply the mascara or eye makeup which can’t be ignored than conventional makeup. You might have your own way with eye makeup but there are some true and tried rules when you apply mascara. They seem small but can define how your eyelashes are, how big or small your eyes are and how tidy they look. Here we will discuss some useful tips that how to apply mascara like a pro.

  1. Pop a primer on

Use an eye lid primer under your makeup to evade seeing your mascara grubby onto your upper or lower eyelids. The recommended eyelid primer by the beauty experts is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer.

  1. Remove the extra mascara

New bottle mascara has extra mascara on the wands of the bottle. So, remove the extra product before the initial mascara coat to avoid the clumpy eyelashes with tissue paper.

  1. Mix your mascaras

Mascara cocktail gives you lengthy tips, voluminous and juicy eyelashes like you paint on a coat with a brush for additional curls, then fastening it in with profuse-textured mascara.

  1. Paint your lashes roots

Most of the people don’t prefer to paint the roots. But half-done eyelashes will weigh down your curl, so paint your roots along the tips of the lashes.


  1. How to apply mascara for longer curled lashes

For longer curled eyelashes, beauty experts recommend that paint your eyelashes root with thicker mascara coat and a lighter coat of mascara toward the eyelashes ends. Twisting the mascara brush too and fro at the base of eyelashes, and then hitting to the lashes tips for longer curled.

  1. Soak your mascara tube in hot water

Steep your mascara tube in hot water to make the product thinner rather than clumpy. The hot water will liquefy the formula from the wands and you can use every last bit easily.

  1. How to apply mascara with the help of spoon

Use a spoon to apply mascara for smudge free look. Take a spoon and hold it with its curved side on your lower lashes and apply mascara in the same way as you normally apply it. This hack also works for the upper lashes.

  1. Apply with Baby Powder.

Use translucent powder or baby powder with makeup brush over the lashes to fluff up your lashes before you apply the second coat of mascara. This powder has amazingly strong sticking grip and helps you to give you thicker eyelashes.

  1. Heat your eyelash curler with a blow-dryer.

Blow- dryer’s heat can give you longer curl eyelashes. This hack gives you serious definition of curled lashes like curled hair.

  1. Remove Mascara Like a Pro

Place a cotton ball dipped in oil-free eye makeup remover on the eyelid’s top for a couple of seconds to unstick the glue. Hold it for 25 seconds to remove the false lashes more easily.

How to use mascara according to face shape


Close-set eyes women like Jennifer Aniston should give the illusion of wider set eyes. You can achieve it when you apply the mascara towards the outer corner of your eyes. Plus, focus on volume and length by using lashes prep.


Use black mascara through the center of the eyelashes to complement wide-set eyes.  Light color mascara will make your eyes look spaced out. Dark colors mascara will bring eyes look close and aid to draw the focus inwards.


Ladies with mono lid eyes like Vera Wang should focus on the curling lashes above the lash line. You must curl a few times more to get the anticipated lift. Apply a few more coats of mascara onto the lower lashes for getting delicate, bright, wide and voluminous textures eyed look.


Those women with hooded eyes like Meghan fox have an advantage that the eyelashes can be seen above the lash line against the eyelid due to curled lashes. Ladies with hooded eyes should use waterproof volumising mascara because long-wearing makeup can be tricky for hooded eyes. It will help to avoid smearing which is common with hooded eyes.

Apply the mascara at the center of the lashes because hooded eyelid often gives the smooth shape to the eye. So, focus in the center of the eye support to promote rounded eye shape and add a little more height.


Those women like Blake Lively with deep-set eyes should do light eye makeup with light shadows and feathery texture mascara. That way your eyes look more mesmerizing and deep. To get that fluttery look, drag the lashes out from the outer curve, up at the center of the lashes and into the nose in the interior eye corner.


This eye shape may look to lessen the impression of the big eyes. Beauty experts suggest that protruding eyes ladies like Nicole Richie should go for curls and focus on height instead of the protrusion. Go easy on the mascara; it will help you to give delicate shape. Apply mascara in the zigzag pattern to create a voluminous effect as the volume is the key for protruding eyes.


Women with upturned eyes shape like Angelina Jolie should apply good coats of mascara towards the on the outside corners and on the bottom lashes. That way, it will balance your eye makeup. Focus on your outer lashes by applying the mascara from the inner edge to the outer edge and an extra layer to the lower eyelashes. It will allure the attention away from that eye shape.